Sunday 5 August 2018

When will it end?

summer cycling field view

The summer this year has been incredible, I know I have said it before. But every weekend I can't believe how good the cycling has been. It's been months since the weather has caused an abort. The torrential rain last Sunday just wasn't worth braving. But the feeling of disappointment is a reminder of what it's normally like. And of what is to come.

But let's not think about the end of summer while it's so good.

When Matt and I met yesterday we had previously decided on a long ride to the lakes, but time constraints meant a slightly shorter ride to have tea with Winston Churchill.

On the way we were passed by loads of road bike riders. One guy slowed for a chat. He was wearing an Oxted CC jersey so I asked if he knew Pat. Pat was the person who had given me two energy gels that helped me get to the end of the recent Caterham to Canterbury ride. He said it sounded like the kind of thing Pat would do; just goes to show it's a small world.

summer cycling winston churchill westerham

When we arrived at Westerham Green a cyclist asked if we knew the area. She wanted to know if there was a bike shop; her chain had snapped. We pointed across the green to the Cyclery. She said it didn't look open, we informed her it was likely open, we had consumed tea and cake there in the past. With that she pushed her bike towards shop and we sat down to start our tea and cereal bars. She walked passed us a short time later, sans bike, on her way to Costa. Maybe the Cyclery cafe wasn't open.

It made us think about what she would have done if there was no local workshop. We know how far the closest station is, Oxted, it's a twenty to thirty minute walk. It's a trek we undertaken in the past. In the early days of our cycling we didn't carry tools, not even a puncture repair kit. Incredible I know; more than once we walked to Oxted and caught the train, or even walked all the way home. Eventually we started carrying a repair kit and spare tubes. What would have we done with a broken chain? How many tools and spares should we carry?

I am now back from today's ride. I don't know what to say, it was sunny with a cooling breeze. I can't think how it could have been better. We decided to follow a narrow track, a bit of exploration. 

The track opened on to a field, we cycled to the middle and stopped for tea and cereal bars. 

stop for tea in a field

This has to be the best location for a great view.

cycling field summer great view

At the other side of the field was a path through woods that lead back to the road.

cycling through woods

Fingers crossed we get more weekends like this.

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