Sunday 16 December 2018

You never know what's around the corner

at the green christmas lights in the background bike leaning against a tree

Frosted grass was an indication it was colder than yesterday, but as I started my ride it didn't seem so bad. Must be all the layers I had on.

The roads were wet, but they didn't appear to be more slippery than expected. The sun was just coming up.

When I took the picture at the top of this post as I waited for Matt; all was good. Two rides in a weekend, it wasn't that cold and not too windy. Perfect.

Matt arrived and we set off the slow way to the bus stop.

This route avoids a lot of traffic on a fast road, includes some hills to make the short distance worth while and the bus stop has covered seating. Makes the tea break pleasant. And we are obsessed with our tea.

Up and down hills without a care. Through puddles, chatting and all was well.

And then, bang. I'm picking myself up off the road.

It was low speed, and the back wheel went first, so I was able to get a foot down, and hop for a bit. But the bike got away from me and I lost my footing. And down I went. A gash on my knee was all that I had to show for it. My knee is also a bit stiff, but I guess it would have been worse if it had happened as we descended a hill at speed. If Matt had had a camera my heroic efforts to stay upright would have been recorded. You'll have to take my word for it; I used all my ninja skills.

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