Sunday 2 August 2020

Last high mileage week

I love my bike

I'm back at work tomorrow, so being able to ride 200 miles per week is in the past. I will ride a local off road loop after work, not great mileage but I'm hoping it will maintain my fitness.

I rode it last Sunday; it's about eight miles, taking around forty minutes to complete. The majority of it is bridleways and unpaved lanes. When the nights get longer I may need to invest in more powerful lights, the ones I have are great for showing my presence to others but may not illuminate a completely dark path.

On Monday I took it easy, riding the mountain bike to Leigh. My knees were hurting, so the lower gears allowed me to reduce the strain. I then had to pick up my new glasses from the opticians in the valley, a thirty minute walk in each direction. It includes Waller Lane, my hill climb venue.

Leigh History Box
Leigh has reused a telephone box to display local history.
Tuesday was the Kona to Leigh again. I ride the mountain bike in a different way than I do the road bike. I see more of the scenery, because I'm going slower and being more upright I can see a wider vista. I'm also less focused on the straight ahead. Even when I intend to take it easy, the road bike encourages me to push on. I do enjoy the speed, but it has been nice to slow down.

I was close to aborting the ride on Wednesday, I wasn't motivated to get out. I'm not sure why, I just felt really down. All it took was a look out of the window, beautiful weather couldn't be missed.

I took the mountain bike and set off with no route in mind. Twenty minutes and I remembered a bridleway I had ridden past many times, intending to explore.

I was very glad to venture along it. A few hundred yards and it opened onto many fields. Some with wheat, others were filled with wildflowers.

field of wildflowers

As I sat the only sound was the buzz and chirp of a myriad insects. After a while I made a move to head home; and a deer popped up from maybe thirty feet away. It paused long enough for me to take a picture and then bounded into the trees.

startled deer

One last look around and off I went.

panoramic field

Thursday was a busy one, I had the task of clearing the office I haven't worked in for many months. I'll be based at home from now on. I managed a short ride prior to this, and the same after dinner in the evening.

two tractors in a field

On the first ride, I passed some people hard at work.

last rays of the sun moon rising

Later in the evening I caught the last rays of sunshine and a pale moon.

Friday was taken up completing the move from my office to home, and setting up the space I'll use.

On Saturday there was a photography project, details on the next blog. The last studio shoot was just before lockdown.

And finally; Sunday I rode to Smallfields on the road bike.