Thursday 9 March 2023

My library has expanded

Expanded Library

I have read many more books since my last post about them. You can read the other posts here.

As you can see it's now quite the collection. I can recommend all of them except the Billy Connolly book. It does contain information about his life, but mostly it reads like his standup routines. Bob Mortimer - And Away - was much more entertaining.

I finished the last one about Beryl Burton; you should read it. She was an incredible athlete. It also documents how badly woman's sport has been treated until very recently. She should have been give more recognition and support. Beating records set by men without the backing provided to them.

I started to look for the next read, and signed up to my local library. An incredible resource that is too often overlooked. We should ensure we don't loose them.

They have an app to search for and reserve books.

I can donate my books; I enjoyed reading them, but don't think I'll revist.

It means an almost endless supply of new ones. You could say it's limitless. ;-)

My first borrowed book: Limitless, the Tim Peake autobiography. 

Tim Peake limitless

Not bike related I know, but I find myself more interested in what helps the writer to succeed and achieve a goal. Not always as big as getting into space though. 

We all have achievements to celebrate. 

One question. How do people remember with such clarity everything that happened to them? I certainly can't remember much. A couple of names spring to mind. I'm not sure I could write a whole book. Or maybe I could; thinking about how much info this blog contains. It started in 2016, so only a period of fifty years to fill in. A project for my retirement then.