Tuesday 21 September 2021

Another why I cycle post


sunset over Blethchingly

This has been the subject of a few posts 

My cycling is complicated.

I ride for a break from day-to-day worries and stress, at least for a few hours. Maybe that's why I'm now riding further and faster, it focuses my mind.

Yes, I know, I recently posted about taking it easy and admiring my surroundings. But it seems I can't or at least not very often.

I continue my after work, 15 mile hilly rides. If I don't concentrate I find myself riding as fast I as can. As you can see above, I have some beautiful lanes near me.

The weekend is a game of two halves; Saturday is a club ride. We form small groups, someone is assigned ride leader and off we go. Most of the time it's to a cafe, a loop of around 60 to 70 miles. My ride to Oxted and back adds 14 miles. 

Oxted CC

It starts at a sociable pace, increasing on the homeward leg. Last Saturday we didn't stop, so when we arrived back at the high street for a coffee stop it was early so I said my goodbyes and continued to Chevening; I wanted some extra miles.

Chevening lake

It was partly the weather, it was great, maybe only a few more warm days are left this year. And partly because I wanted to keep riding, idealy for the rest of the day.

I arrived at a pub, it looked to be hosting a wedding party. So I sat on the bench and ate the food I'd brought, rather than venture inside. It was nice, just staring across the lake, the occasionaly sail boat moving silently on it's near flat surface.

But eventually I had to head home, although it was via a convoluted, very indirect series of quiet lanes. As I passed our winter residence, the bus stop at Tatsfield, I ovetook another rider. He was from Beckenham Rugby Cyling club. He dropped into my draft, I increased the pace a little, I'm not sure why. For the next 3 or 4 miles we swapped places as we each tired and needed a brief rest. He eventually turned off and we congratulated each other. Looking at the stats when I got home we had held nearly 30 mph on a slightly down hill stretch of road. A speed we could not have maintained on our own.

Sunday again dawned bright, if not very warm. The mornings are chilly, meaning I'm never sure what to wear. I chose correctly both days, leaving the house a little cold, but soon warming up. By the time I made it to Westerham it was warm enough to sit outside. Soon after Matt arrived and we chated about this and that.

Costa coffee Westerham

With a nice sunrise on the way there.

westerham costa coffee

Matt didn't have to rush so I cracked on towards home; shopping and what to cook for Sunday dinner invading my thoughts.

I have now entered an official race; a hill climb. I'm awaiting confirmation my entry wasn't too late and that I have a start slot. It's a proper, serious, event with all the nerves that's going to entail. Hope I do myself and the club proud. The last time I did anything like this it was for the local round table society. A charity fundraiser, so no stress.

Next year I want to do some time trials, it'll depend where and when they run. I hope I can do a few.