Saturday 11 May 2019

A performing dog?

bike leant against single track sign

It's the second lone ride weekend, Matt is recovering from jet lag and a fraught trip to America.

Today's ride was a new route, a loop past Chartwell.

I took the picture above at the beginning of a very narrow lane. The map I looked at when planning this didn't show just how steep a decent awaited me. I didn't cycle back up it, too tired and it was very poorly surfaced. Potholes, mud and gravel; and a grumpy old man.

I said good morning as I passed him. He shouted after me to watch the dog. I did; but it didn't seem to have a talent worth my interest. No juggling or anything. I don't think you will see it on Britain's Got Talent, unless staring becomes more popular.

On the way home it rained. We are very lucky and miss rain most of the time. It got much harder after I arrived home, so I guess it was still a win.

The forecast for tomorrow is rain, fingers crossed it abaits long enough to allow my ride.

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