Saturday 9 June 2018


I was on my own today for the cycle. I would normally take the road bike in this case, but not this time. I decided on the comfort of the mountain bike. And I'm glad I did.

I stuck to the route I take when I'm on my own, except for a little off road part the road bike couldn't handle. Until I got past Godstone and up the Enterdent. Then I really took advantage of my off road capabilities. There was an interesting track to my left. It wasn't very muddy but was badly chewed up by horses, so it was a little hard work.

dense forrest track

The track passed through dense forest teaming with wildlife. I could hear it but there was only a fleeting glimpse of a deer, the rest remained out of sight.

The descent pictured above opened out in to a desolate area, devoid of animals. There was just a signpost in the middle to guide the adventurous traveler, and the only evidence that anyone had ever been this way.

desolate empty area signpost

Tomorrow will be with Matt again, so there will be chat about his recent travels, tea and cereal bars.

Next Saturday will be a rest day because I have the Waller pain hill climb on the Sunday.

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