Thursday 20 June 2019


orange background gold top

Magazine published photoshoot.

Back in March I organised a studio session; intending to learn about and get experience of a more pressured photoshoot. The background is in this blog post.

There wasn't a big team, just three; Marylin, Jen the MUA and me. As you will have read in my precious post Marilyn did much more than model. I am very grateful to her for working so hard. But it didn't stop at the end of the shoot. She helped me choosing and processing the pictures. She planned to contact magazines, both printed and online, about publishing the set. It really pushed me to learn more about editing.
I could see the set improve as I added or took away pictures and how small edits changed pictures in big ways.

I had to consider the designer, and the MUA. They both needed shots they could use.

Orange dress, orange background; not easy to light. And then to ensure Marilyn's skin was lit correctly. It is one of my favourite shots though.

I wanted to provide a different look, one they hadn't had before.

And show off Marilyn's personality.

There were shadows cast by the multiple lights that I didn't want to remove completely. I tried to leave enough so that it had the appearance of only one defused light. Avoiding the floating in space look.

Here is a link to the published article.

This project was a challenge, which had me stressed. I was anxious about how the pictures might be received. But it was worth it.

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