Sunday 16 May 2021


These events are organised rides that are not meant to be competitive.

They are great for stress free rides, the route is planned, they have food stops and normally mechanic support.

Unfortunately some people can't help themselves. Once the timing chip is attached the red mist comes down. Which is wrong, the roads are open to all traffic and it shows cycling in a bad light. Not the case for me, I wanted to take it easy and enjoy the countryside.

The first one I rode was with a friend a few years ago. We were on mountain bikes, the rest on road machinery. The surprise was that we weren't the slowest participants.

I've since ridden other organised events, two RideLondon's and two Caterham to Canterbury.

It was a mostly an off road loop from Cranleigh.

Social distancing was still in place. Small groups setting off at one minute intervals. 

It was grim, raining nearly the whole time. And I don't know where they got gravel trail from, a lot of if was think mud. More than once we had to get off and push the bikes. They took a hammering, mine is making noises it wasn't before the start. Another member of the group had brake failure on a very steep, slippery descent. We waited for assistance, but it wasn't fixable at the roadside so they called in the rescue van. I could have continued, but to be honest I was cold and wet. So I took the easy option and also jumped in the van. We had completed 22 of the 47 miles, I was happy with that.

Here is the scary moment.