Monday 26 December 2016

Pushing yourself

The top of White Lane. You can see the edge of the hill. It's the last part that's the steepest.

Today is boxing day.
We at NVL like to try for a Boxing Day ride. The weather was on our side. It must have rained overnight, but this morning was warm. It was really good to be on the bikes. Matt's new bike is still too clean for a mountain bike. Today wasn't going to see it get dirty. One day though.

We meet as usual at the green. But where to go? We decided on Tatsfield again. The alternative was Westerham. A longer ride, but nowhere dry to sit. I think it was Matt who suggested White Lane, to add a bit more to the challenge. He wanted to test how much better his new (too clean), mountain bike would fare ascending a very steep hill.  It's well known in the area, and hosts an annual sprint race. We weren't going to win any race this morning though. But it was a personal challenge. I don't often really push myself. Either because of lack of opportunity, or I just feel too tired to be bothered. I'm disappointed that I don't challenge myself more often. I have completed a few cycling journeys, with some big distances. A mixture of physical and mental strength was needed. The sense of achievement at their completion means I forget the physical pain, and look forward to the next time. 

I hope I am better at dealing life's trials because of these efforts. I know I can focus on the task in hand, and complete what might as first have seemed impossible.

I don't do new years resolutions, but maybe this could be one. My photography is very important to me. Can I push myself to new levels; new achievements?

Tomorrow we plan to complete the same route. Good times.

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