Thursday 25 November 2021

2022 challenge update


Solstice route 2022

Back in July I mentioned my plans for another ride on the longest day next year to raise money for the mental health charity Mind. Here is the link.

There have been some developments.

I've booked the time off work.

Decided I'd ride back rather than get the train. It seemed too much stress could be involved, and it isn't much cheaper than two nights in B&B's.

Booked accommodation for two nights.
Sponsorship page created. See just below main site picture.

Let me explain why I'm not returning by train; I mentioned it might be stressful. I couldn't guarantee a carriage for the bike and even if there was one; the design is not well thought out. It could cause damage, or be full. They are built with the expectation to hold more bikes than actually fit in the space. At least that's what I've read.

I wanted to have time to appreciate the countryside as I rode. The outward journey would just be focused on getting to the end. 
After a couple of days with my sister I'm taking three days to return.
to colyton
Return day one
At first I considered staying at two locations from a hotel chain. I thought it would be cost effective, and easy. Lenny Henry may like them, but they were more expensive than I anticipated. They mention arriving by bike on the website. I could store it in my room, unless it was dirty. I'd be responsible for getting it clean if that was the case. I wasn't sure how I'd achieve that at the end of the ride. So looked for owner run B&B's, and I'm pleased I did. Friday night will be in a small village called Colyton. I asked about secure bike storage. No problem was the quick reply from both places. 
Colyton to Salisbury
Return day two

Saturday night will be in Salisbury.
Salisbury to home
Return day three
I'm really looking forward to this. The challenge of the first day, seeing my sister, and exploring the countryside on the way home.

I might meet up with a fellow bike adventurer, if we can organise a place and time. He writes a cycling blog that I read. He lives in Devon and leads bikepacking trips, produces route guides, sells t-shirts that he designs and I'm sure much more. Here is the blog.