Saturday 11 August 2018

From a hobby to a profession

On the 21st July I shot my first full wedding, click here to see the post. It's taken me until this weekend to process the pictures.

If you read my post you'll know a bit about it. The day was very hot and more intense than I expected. I wanted to test myself and set a target for the resultant collection.

Now it's done I am pleased with the set. I hope the couple and their guests are too.

It gave me a lot to think about the direction my photography should go. I'll hold off on weddings for now, let this one sink in. It's not that I didn't like doing it, I did. I need to think how doing more will affect my passion for photography. It's one thing to have a hobby that you can take or leave as you feel, another to have clients expecting you to deliver. My main job is tech support so I know about delivering on promises and targets. It's what I like about it.

For a short time I helped a friend at track-day event photography. But I did it when I had time, or fancied it. There were a couple of events where I was the only photographer. A bit more pressure because if I didn't get it right Jenny would lose out financially.

I think I have a good idea what it could be like as a full-time photography, maybe I also need to decide what sector it should be in.

A short post then as I plan my next photography steps.

Watch this space.

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