Friday 26 March 2021

Salvation, medication, escapism

Cycling; what does it mean to me?

Regular readers may already know most of the answer, or maybe all of it. I have written much about cycling. Where I go, what I wear and ride.

For the past week I have been on the indoor bike, I had a close encounter with a couple of deer. I'm okay now, no need to worry. I had to buy a new helmet and jacket which meant a delay until I could return to the road.

It got me thinking again about my reasons for turning those pedals.

It's not about where I go, or what I ride; it's the three words in the title of this post. I get all of them as I travel nowhere in the garage, just as much as when the view is constantly changing. Outside is easier to get motivated for.

I'm lucky, I don't have to travel anywhere by bike; the shops I need are at most a forty-five minute round trip away on foot. I work from home, so no commute.

I choose to ride, solo at present, it will be good to be with others again. We can meet and sit at a distance, but it's not the same as chatting over coffee and cake in a cafe.

Another short post this week. I tend to write about a specific subject matter lately. The random musings will I guess return when the general happenings start again. Like group rides with Oxted Cycling Club and of course the much anticipated Moof IT Cycling Club get togethers. Moof IT CC has three members, and even club jerseys.

Moof IT club jersey                     
 It should be noted, we don't look as athletic as the design drawing might have you believe.