Thursday 26 July 2018

My first full wedding as a photographer

wedding cake mr and mr

A few months ago I was asked to photograph the wedding of a friends uncle. I planned and prepared for it, but it was still a steep learning curve.

It was last Saturday and I had the help of my friend during the day, making sure people were in the right place at the right time for the group shots. Thinking about my wedding and others I have attended, the photographers must have been very good. I don't remember them having trouble corralling everyone. It just seemed to happen. I now know this is a skill I need to improve.
So many things to think about, lighting, composition, making everyone feel comfortable. And with bigger groups; is anyone lost in the background?

Then there are the incidental moments to capture. The ones that really make the set of pictures. I was also thinking about how they might be printed, the size and orientation. And then the editing, checking each picture and choosing the best of each part of the day, tweaking and adjusting the final selection. I enjoyed the day and the challenge, but I underestimated just how much was involved. Hats off to everyone who does this full time.

It also reinforces the points made on my previous post about paying a photographer. Remember, it's not just the day of the wedding; it's the equipment, the editing afterwards, I met the couple twice leading up to the weekend, and visited the registry office. If you think your photographer is asking too much to record your special day, consider the whole process.

Long after the cake is eaten, the presents are unwrapped and your honeymoon is over. The pictures will be your lasting reminder of the day.

It is nerve racking processing the pictures. Did I take enough, did I miss anyone, are they good enough?

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