Saturday 8 February 2020

Pay it forward

I'll start by saying this is not a post looking for well dones, or virtual pats on the back. I helped because I could.

I was nearly home after my Saturday morning ride when I came across a couple trying to move some flat packed furniture.

At first I thought they wanted to put it in the garage; but no, it needed to go to the house at the top of a long steep drive.

Their idea was to drag it up with an invalid carriage and a bit of pushing. This wasn't going to work.

As the load met the bottom of the slope the tractor unit's drive wheel started spinning. Applying weight just overloaded the electric motor.

The wife said her husband shouldn't have tried to move all of the packages in one go, she was right of course. But any man would have tried it. After shopping I always try to carry every bag in one go. I'd rather break a finger than make two trips.

I tested how heavy the first box was; I could carry each to the house quicker than they would be pulled up.

A few minutes later, all done. They shook my hand, said thanks and offered a coffee. I said it was fine. And then suggested they could do something for me: when driving give cyclists they see more room, and tell their friends.

Hopefully my good deed will be paid forward when they and their friends approach a fellow rider in the future.

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