Tuesday 25 February 2020

Four generations

four generations portrait photography

My photography lately has been largely of my bike and the views when cycling.

Over a year ago I was asked about doing a shoot for a family to capture four generations.

Everyone we busy and so it wasn't until last Saturday that all diaries matched.

One speedlight would produce enough illumination. I used a wide 24mm prime for groups, 50mm for pairs and the 85mm for close ups.

The baby was never still, trying to keep her interested and focused wasn't easy. If there had been more room I could have put more distance between us. It makes tracking a fast moving subject easier.

I kept firing away to catch the moment when everyone was looking in the same direction and relaxed.

People often say don't work with animals and children. But I find they add to the shoot. You can rely on them to keep everyone distracted from the camera; most people aren't comfortable having their picture taken.

It worked; the time flew past, I don't think anyone noticed just how quickly we had the necessary shots in the bag.

A couple of days to choose and process the best ones, then upload and share the results.

This is always my most anxious time, waiting for their reply after I have sent the link to the picture library.

Will they like the ones I choose; were they expecting more?

Here are two of my favourites, catching a fleeting expression is always so rewarding.

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