Sunday 24 March 2019

Blue sky and fly tipping

blue sky over a field bikes

We got out on the bikes both days this weekend. Yesterday was nearly aborted. Light rain that stopped quickly enough so as to not dissuade us. I even contemplated shorts, it was that warm. I'm glad we stayed with it. A pleasant ride to the bus stop, tea and biscuits.

On the way back after parting company with Matt I took a detour to Oxted. It meant a descent and climb of a twenty percent hill. It's time to start challenging myself in preparation for the Waller Lane hill climb. I'm hoping to beat my time from last year.

This morning was bright and clear, but no chance of wearing shorts. Way too cold.

We followed the same route and headed for the same destination as yesterday. This time however the road was almost completely blocked by a big pile of garden rubbish. It's becoming more common, especially on this road. Are we really getting to the point that CCTV needs to be everywhere? The penalties have to be increased, and the people whose rubbish it is should be punished. It's their responsibility to ensure their waste is disposed of properly.

rubbish dumped blocking the road

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