Sunday 31 May 2020

The joy of cycling

Cycling today I was reminded just how good it is. I wasn’t far from home but I was surrounded by great views. The weather was just right: no wind, the sun moving in and out of white fluffy cloud. And this route didn’t have too heavy a vehicle content. I know how lucky I am, and as I have said many times before, it’s a great way to unwind.

Cycling is accessible to many, they just have to try. And it’s not just the fully able bodied. I’m not totally sure this guy was disabled but it does show what can be done if you are. A recumbent, propelled by arm power.

Not cycling everyday is going to be a challenge when I go back to work, I wonder if a short loop will be possible at lunch time.

I go through periods of not being very motivated, I still get out and feel so good when I get back.

I stopped to take this one this week. The phone for when you were mobile of my youth.
Yes youngsters; when you were out of the house, this was how you contacted your friends. If they weren't in you had to rely on their mum taking a message. Then continue on to the pre-agreed meeting point, hoping they would be there.

red phone box
a rare sight

The next picture was taken a few yards from the one above.

post box gate

And then there is the occasional lager when I get home.

hop house 13 lager