Saturday 17 March 2018

Photography walk

snow woods walk

I have never been a member of a photography club or society. But now that has changed. I'm a member of the Caterham Photographic Society. It all started with a Facebook post to a local resident's group. Some pictures were posted from a run. A chat started; not about running, but photography and the lack of a local group. It sounded like it might be a relaxed, social focused group. I'm more interested in photography, with less focus on the camera and equipment.

The speed with which it all happened from a mention of taking a camera on a run to a Facebook group, and then to the first meeting is all credit to Karen. Nearly twenty members in almost no time.

The plan was a walk to include some local fields and woods. Then end at a pub for a pint and a chat, definitely my kind of group.


Well I'm back and although the weather tried it's best I think the first meeting went well. I'm more of a portrait photographer but I like what I have taken. More practise needed though. It was also good to talk about photography and get some exercise. It wasn't just about f-stops and shutter speeds, instead it was more about gaining confidence and exploring different genres. Exactly what I wanted from membership of the group. We also had a chance to get to know each other. So it's a social group as well. I think the group will be one that encourages its members.

Can't wait to see what Barbara and Karen have taken.

snow bike

snow path woods pine
snow path woods

snow path woodssnow path field

snow landscape trees

 As you can see I couldn't resist taking some portraits.

people snow walk

people snow walk

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