Sunday 26 April 2020

Another week

love NHS windmill

I apologise dear reader; I fear my creativity may be nearly spent, my ability to compose witty prose is diminished.

The last week has been pretty much as before.

Looking after Marcia, cycling and writing my blog. There has also been gardening, cooking and shopping.

I am getting use to queuing outside Tesco.

Only going shopping once a week was at first a challenge. With the shops very close I was use to popping over a few times in seven days, and not having much stored in the house. Now I make one trip and plan ahead.

I had a rant about the media.

Cycling news.

I swallowed another fly.

I may not comment on every ride, staying local means the routes are regularly visited. And even a literary giant like myself eventually runs out of ways to describe them.

I'll just post pictures if I see something of interest. I hope you understand.

bluebells and a tree

sheep in the distant field
sheep in the distance

new rocky climb
new rocky climb, it got steeper
farmer and tractor in field
farmer and tractor in field
It is proving to be a little challenging, landscapes aren't a genre I photograph very often. I struggle if there isn't something to draw my attention. I guess that's why my bike is normally included in shots.

The rapeseed field attracted my attention because of the lone tree just over the horizon. It is small but stood out amongst the yellow.

A sheep lazing in the shade of a tree.

sheep under a tree

There is nothing like riding familiar routes in the opposite direction. Sections that I flew along, I now realise are slight inclines this way round. A voyage of discovery.

I know how lucky I am to have countryside on my doorstep.

I have been posting pics from my rides, and now have over 300 followers on Instagram. Does that make me an influencer?!

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