Tuesday 25 June 2019

Harsh light and defiance

Our last shoot was way back in December, but it took no time to settle into our routine. Saskia's mum, Janice, quickly put the finishing touches to makeup and outfit and we got started.

The theme had been discussed; dark and moody. The day was bright harsh sunlight though.

I got to the area a bit early and scouted around. Holborn viaduct has staircases down to Farringdon Street and they looked ideal. The white tiled walled would bounce light into the shaded areas. I could expose for the outside and have soft light inside. it didn't work out that way so Janice became the light stand holding the flash to add a little extra light.

As is always the case, it takes time at the beginning of a shoot to settle into it; even when we have worked together many times.

The location may not work out as expected or needs a bit of a rethink. The staircase was a case in point. The background was a distraction and Saskia had the same idea as I did; move a little. That's when you know the shoot is going well, everyone syncs.

I wasn't sure at first about the hair and shadow across the face, but I think it works.

She also took on the theme, moody and defiant.

A short walk away was a small lane, it again suited the theme.

Janice as always checking the details

checking hair and makeup

Then finally a shaded garden gave the opportunity for an outfit change, and a softer theme.

Saskia easily changed her look to be much more relaxed. 

Another productive shoot in the bag.

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