Monday 6 May 2019

May Bank Holiday number one

road bike in a lane with bluebells

Yesterday's weather was better than it was on Saturday. Colder but less windy, which is easier to deal with.

I'm still on my own; Matt's in Pittsburgh for two weeks on business. It gives me a chance to use the road bike. It's faster but the gearing can make hills a challenge, especially when I'm feeling tired. Which I have been this weekend.

I don't know why, I just have periods where it's a real effort to do anything.

I have to push myself to get out, and the first couple of miles are a chore; hills come close to persuading me the ride may not have been a good idea. By mile three I'm into the ride, and it isn't so bad. I know I'll feel better the further I go. Subsequent hills are climbed without much stress. They are hard but no longer seem insurmountable.

And of course when I get home, all is right with the world.

road bike at a crossroads

Today, bank holiday Monday, was the nicest of the three day weekend to cycle. It was chilly rather than cold and the force of the wind was much reduced.

I felt stronger and fitter. Hills were taken a little faster, maybe a gear higher than before. Or I could change up earlier.  I still felt tired but it wasn't the big effort it had been.

When I got to the the crossroads at Tatsfield Church I had four choices. Left was a very hilly loop back to Tatsfield village, straight on lead to the bottom of the hill on the right. And right meant that same hill. The fourth option; back the way I had come.

I went for the last choice and headed home.

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