Monday 6 December 2021

Feeling it

feel the sound

Sitting on the couch listening to Lenny Kravitz recently was a kind of eureka moment. I had the sound turned up, and playing through my stereo system. I was completely immersed, like I had been as a teenager at concerts. You feel the music as much as hear it. Obviously it wasn't venue filling loud, the dial only goes to ten, not eleven. If I had the room I'd get a subwoofer or two; really feel it. I don't think you get the same experience with headphones.

It's the same with my other interests: cycling and photography.

It's the reason I like to ride fast, not for the adrenaline of speed, but the exertion it requires. I become immersed in the moment. That's why it works for the trainer in the garage, I'm stationary afterall. 

I have experienced a loss of motivation lately, only partly weather related. If I were riding on my own, I'm not sure I would be riding as often as I do. The weekends with Oxted cycling club and Matt have kept me going. After work means I'm fit enough to enjoy the weekend. Although last Saturday and especially Sunday the poor weather did test my resolve. It wasn't too bad with Oxted, but Sunday Matt was busy so I went out in the rain on my own. I guess my determination isn't as damaged as I thought.

I have scaled back my photography, a few photowalks have been the extent of it this year. I don't see that changing much in the future, I have even contemplated selling the equipment. 

I found myself just going through the motions, the exceptions being two shoots I did in 2020 with Alex and Saskia.

I have a studio session later this month with Saskia. We met recemtly to discuss some ideas she had. I am looking forward to it, it'll be a chance to reawaken the creativity. Prove to myself I can enjoy it again.

It's only a couple of weeks, we'll be over the winter equinox, and the days will start to get longer. I hope January and February are mild next year. 

I have some upgrades for my bike to install, but they will wait until the better weather returns. 

Hopefully that will reinvigorate my motivation.

Watch this space for the reveal.