Sunday 1 July 2018

Another weekend, more great weather

summer cycling fields
On the way home, a field of wheat

I can't remember the last time a weekend ride was in danger due to bad weather. Yesterday it was a bit grey as I left the house, but quickly warmed up. It was a hilly route including White Lane near Botley and then on to Hosey Hill via Westerham, both very steep. In addition to Clarks Lane out of Westerham, and Burntwood Lane near to home. A proper test again. Being on my own it was just a circuit and back to the house.

Today was better, Matt was back. Just the question of where to go when we met at the green; we discussed Westerham, the quick way. But I just wasn't up to it, so the Church yard at Tatsfield was our eventual destination. Sitting there drinking tea, eating cereal bars and chatting about the news was perfect. We also talked about what we would do if we had no ties, no responsibilities and could just do whatever we wanted. Matt had been reading One man and his bike by Mark Carter. The backstory was that one day on his way to work he just kept cycling past his workplace and on around the coast. We were skeptical, how did he put his life on hold, how did he afford it? A book deal and writing articles for a newspaper must have made it easier to do it. And then we moved onto explores and adventurers. How did they do it? Decide to not follow the norm, and travel the world. Matt mentioned a woman who had rowed across oceans. One voyage had to be abandoned when a severe storm blew in. The problem I saw with this and most adventures is that they are fine when all goes well. But if it doesn't, like when the storm rolled in, other people have to risk their lives to mount a rescue. My view is that these people are a little selfish. Or am I just jealous?

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