Sunday 5 March 2023

New gear tested

First rides with my new bikepacking gear. It was time to test the Restrap saddle bag. 

Previous post here. Would it swing around, or fall off? I say fall off because the front straps were a little short for the aero seat post on my Le Vita road bike.

bikepacking saddle bag mountain bike

I didn't want to go too far so I rode 22 miles of a mixed surface route that included some bumpy off road sections.

bikepacking saddle bag mountain bike
the sunlight from a different angle and no tree cover makes this pic look much colder

There are plenty of reviews for it, so I didn't expect any problems. I only filled it to about three quarters; and it didn't move about when I stood up on the pedals for the hills. The only concern was my rear light; the loop is too wide. When I stopped to take the second picture it was just about to fall off. I moved it to the drybag strap which appears to be a better fit in my case.

Today it was the road bike, this time to meet Matt in Westerham. All of the other bikes had minimal luggage. When the mudguards are left behind in the garage, it'll give a bit more room above the wheel.

bikepacking coffee

It looks a bit like a sports car with a roof box. I think it's more "sporty" than a rack and bag combo though.

bikepacking westerham

Nothing worked loose, in fact I didn't really notice it. 

Roll on the summer adventures.