Monday 24 May 2021

A blustery week.


I missed an evening ride, my mountain bike needed new brake pads on the front, and I just couldn't face the weather. I was also very tired, read more about it in a future post. The rest of the week was in the garage on the trainer. Everyday was sunny; right up until I finished work, then it rained heavily. Although the incredibly strong winds were probably too dangerous to ride in as well.

I always work harder on the trainer, there aren't any downhills sections you can coast along. If you stop pedaling, the rollers stop.  I always notice an improvement in my fitness, stamina and strength after a week on the stationary bike. So it was no surprise that my ride to Otford was quicker than I expected. Another trip down memory lane. At school and into my twenties a mate lived near the green. I rode past it on my motorbike most weekends, around thirty years ago.

on the way to westerham
on the way to westerham

Sunday was the usual meet-up with Matt in Westerham. I hope I don't jinx it but "our" bench was free again. It's a massive and carved from stone. I don't know why but everyone seems to prefer the wooden benches or wrought iron chairs. 

The Costa has also become the favoured meeting place for a group of Hells Angels. It started with a few Harley riders; this weekend saw about a dozen of the gang arrive, have coffee and then roar off. All very civilised and no bother to anyone. 

It rained again, just after I arrived home, Matt got home dry as well. Hopefully the weather will improve, I have a week off at the beginning of June. 

Other news, Marcia and I are now fully vaccinated. Neither of us had any side effects, it's good to see life getting back to normal; except for the continued increase if traffic. My ride to my mums a couple of weeks ago won't be my last, I wnat to avoid driving as much as possible.