Monday 26 August 2019

Remember the good stuff

shadow of the cycle helmet

The long weekend hasn't let us down.

Great weather coincided with a bank holiday, I'm sure it often does but I don't always remember.

It seems most holidays are marred by rain; or is it me holding onto negative experiences?

I can vividly recall mistakes, poor performance and disappointments. But successes, and good times; they're a little more difficult to recollect.

I suppose a diary would be a good idea, maybe that's why people write them.

I guess it could, subconsciously, be why I started this blog. I use it to record photography and cycling, both produce memories worth holding on to; shared experiences with friends, challenges overcome, and achievements.

I read it when I need reassurance or encouragement, a kind of "you got this".

It's too easy to think nothing is going well, but as I write this and think about old posts it has me remembering the good stuff. Not only what I have written previously but the day to day highs, that don't make it here.

We all have them, we just need to recount and value them.

It's said there is always someone worse off, I don't want to feel better at another's expense. We all need to count our blessings and not take what we have for granted. It's a more positive way to live.

Yesterday I caught up with a friend I hadn't seen for a while for his birthday, just four days until the weekend, I am working in London on Friday with the rest of the company and then a week off.

Four blessings right there.

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