Wednesday 13 July 2022

Thank you for being there for me.

This post is dedicated to everyone who should hear this more often. 

We don't say this enough. We should let people know. 

Being British the stereotype is to stay silent, especially as a man. Other countries may be equally reserved.

It can be hard to say how you feel to a family member, or friend.

Don't leave it too late.

When it is said to me, I tend brush it off. It's not that I don't appreciate the semtiment. I don't know how to react. Hearing those words feels good though. 

We all need to practise as we would any other skill. I'm hopping I'll get better.

We don't need to over do it. Just mean and acknowledge it.

I don't know if it's okay to set challenges. 

But here goes.

I ask that everyone thinks about those around them; and lets then know they are appreciated.