Thursday 14 April 2022

On the mend

the hip fracture


The latest milestone was my visit to the fracture clinic to see a consultant. And have another x-ray. I was a little disappointed to be told it'll be another six weeks of partial mobility. I can at least start putting some weight on it, and use the indoor bike. The next check-up should confirm I can get out on my road bike.

\the repair a plate amd some screws.

I hadn't seen the scan before. I didn't appreciate how big the fracture was. Almost completely across the bone.

And then to see the repair; it was another surprise. I had not expected so much metalwork. It explains the muscle stiffness and pain. 

I still have time until the solstice ride, the consultant did say I should make a full recovery. His words were: this is a break we more often see in the elderly, and they heal very well. So me being young is a good thing. I guess I can take that as encouragement.