Sunday 18 April 2021

Another post about cycling


Denniker Farm

I don't really have anything to post this week. The weather is improving - don't the British love to talk about this - it's cold first thing, but quickly warms up. I've continued to ride every day after work, up and down the same hill three times. I do it to improve my fitness and strength, so that I can go further at the weekend. That's when I really enjoy myself, Saturday with my club, Sunday with Matt. 

While out with the club a Caterham 7 passed us and one of the group remarked how cool it was. I thought about it and concluded it wasn't. I have changed a lot in the last ten years or so that I have been cycling. My attitude to motor vehicles has altered the most. They are just a means to get around if walking, riding or public transport is impractical to complete a task. Why do they need to be so fast, why do they need to be so big?

I get so much more from pushing the pedals around, far more than simply pressing one. It's a shame more people don't feel the same. All of the car adverts show increasingly bigger cars driving around deserted cities; where does that happen now? Or they are crossing rivers and muddy trails; how many need that capability?

Sunday was again a chilly start, especially the last mile into Westerham. But sitting on the green in the sun soon warmed me up. Coffee and an almond croissant devoured as we sat at opposite ends of "our" bench chatting about our week. 

Surrey Hills view

Stopped near the top of the climb to Botley, what a great view. So glad to be out on the bike.