Sunday, 1 October 2017

Motivation III

When I shared the two pictures above it was with the line. Contemplative pause during an autumn cycle ride. Or Norman no mates taking a breather.

I can’t remember how many rides I’ve done solo lately.  Matt has been unavailable lately, like me. Life has been getting in the way. So it’s been self motivation that has got me out on my bike. All week at work I look forward to cycling at the weekend. But then on Saturday morning the voice in my head is shouting loudly. “Matt’s not cycling, stay in bed”. I have ignored the voice, got up and cycled. And as always, felt better for it. But it gets more difficult to ignore every week.

Today was about as difficult as it gets. I got the abort text as I was about to get up. It had been raining last night as well so it wasn’t going to be as nice a ride as it was yesterday. Then ten minutes in, it started raining. The voice was back, this time telling me to go home and avoid a soaking. But I kept going. As I write this having had a shower and breakfast. I’m again glad I went out and didn’t turn back. I’m not sure how many more weekends I can cycle alone, especially as the weather gets worse.

Come back Matt.

Yesterday I saw a lot of cyclists. Today just five. So I guess I’m not the only one whose little, stay at home voice, is becoming more vocal.

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  1. "Matt has been away, busy, or not up to it a lot." Well, yes and no. I think between us it's been a case of six of one, half a dozen of the other, although, that said, having looked back on the blog, last week I was deaf, the week before I had to go away for the weekend, but the week before that I went to Woodmansterne twice, and that's normally because you can't make it for some reason, but yes, I know what you mean, it's been a bit hit and miss. That said, I'm back this weekend for sure (unless it's raining), so I'll see you on the green, usual time. Having the old ears done on Friday. As I write this I can't hear very much.

    1. I see what you mean. I meant that with life getting in the way, cycling is starting to take a backseat. And lone cycling is not much fun. Lets hope for better things and times to come.

    2. It's a temporary thing, though. Weather is normally the main stumbling block. I think as long we keep going it'll be fine. It rarely goes over two weeks of not cycling so unless it pisses down we should be alright for this week. I start to miss it after a fortnight. Definitely Saturday, see you there.

    3. It just seemed longer than two weeks. Finger crossed for the weather.

    4. Actually, it rarely goes over two weeks, but I know what you mean. This coming weekend I'm doing both days. Sunday might be a short one, though. If the weather holds (I've heard there's going to be hot weather this month) then Saturday should be Westerham.

    5. Yep, weather looks like it will be good.