Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Lookbook shoot

model headshot orange top

It's been a while since Janayah and I had a photoshoot, not far off a year in fact. She emailed me about producing a modeling lookbook. The shoots always go well and produce better and better pictures so I said yes straight away.

It was planned a while ago while the weather was incredible, as the day drew closer though it became more unpredictable. As it turned out it was overcast without too strong a breeze; perfect. We meet late in the afternoon and the south bank of the Thames was very busy so we moved north, which was a good decision. The streets were nearly empty and we found two locations that worked well with the Janayahs' outfits. We quickly dropped into the easy rhythm that characterise our shoots, and make them so productive.

There was also no jobsworth quoting non-existent rules to stop us, unlike Saturday at the hill garden pergola on Hampstead Heath. Actually people were very helpful, the Pret a Manger near our first stop and Cafe Rouge near the second allowed Janayah to get changed in their facilities.

I used two lenses, a 35-70mm F2.8; a zoom and a 85mm F1.8; a prime. When I have the room the 85 is the one I prefer. It's not just the shallower depth of field, but the colour, sharpness and tone of the pictures it delivers, they are all more pleasing. I can make changes during processing, but the shots from the 35-70mm are still missing the polish of the 85mm. It's a good lens, until I compare it to the prime. I have a 50mm F1.8, I will maybe just use the two prime lenses for the next shoot.

The pink tracksuit were taken with the zoom lens, the orange top with the prime lens.

pink tracksuit sitting

pink tracksuit sitting

pink tracksuit standing

model full length orange top

model three quarter orange top

model three quarter orange top

model headshot orange top

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