Sunday, 28 October 2018


Conkers cycling autumn

Saturday saw a big change in the weather. It was very cold yesterday, frosty grass and cold feet. Matt was back from his trip to Japan so we cycled to the Tudor Rose tea room in Westerham for breakfast.

Regular readers will know I'm not one for lots of words, Matt's the writer after all.

I can remember he said he was on his own for the weekend and didn't know what he was going to do. I suggested he just sat back and chilled out. He thought maybe some decorating was likely.

We parted company near Botley with a plan to cycle to Godstone today. Then I got the dreaded abort text. And this morning an explanation; Matt's front room was to be redecorated.

The forecast was for rain today, when I looked out of the window it had rained overnight but it looked okay. I didn't go far, cold wind and rain does temper motivation. But it did give me the chance to take pictures, my other hobby.

Only a week of work until I can go cycling again.

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  1. Good on you for going out. As I mentioned on Twitter, when I went out to get milk on Sunday and I was so glad I'd aborted. However, had we gone, we'd have met at the usual time, so I'm guessing we might have caught a soaking on the return journey. Loved Saturday's ride. Good to visit Westerham again and good to ride the full 22-miler (and have breakfast!). I'm back in the saddle on Saturday and yes, I committed to the decorating and once you start, like cycling, you've got to finish, so I went for it. In fact, taken today (Tues) and yesterday to finish it off. Got about a wall and a third to do. Looking forward to next week's riding. I've yet to write anything about Saturday's ride, but I'll do something later today hopefully.

  2. I got home just before the heavy rain. So yes we would have got soaked. I only went a short distance.