Sunday, 9 December 2018

tea obsessed

tea bikes bench leaves

Cycling yesterday, and neither of us had much time so we headed to a church that was close. It still means a few hills but we get home earlier. The only problem is no covered seating. We didn't intend to stay very long so it didn't really matter.

We talked a little about brexit, but concluded as we always do that no-one understands it. Or what's going to happen. It seems most of the loudest voices are of those with agenders. The quiet majority will just have to wait an see.

The rest of the time we talked about Christmas and how we would spend it. And of course how much extra cycling we would get in because of the holidays.

The picture above sums up our cycling, we are not in to massive distances, or light weight. I bring food, Matt a flask, and we plan our route so that we can stop for tea. The few times we don't bring our own it's because a cafe is our destination.

I was looking over the many pictures I have of the cycling. There are a lot with the Stanley flask in them, plenty of cake, cereal bars and sandwiches.

cup in a bench lichen

The bench looks to have been in the churchyard for a long time, plenty of lichen on it. And another example of our obsession with tea. My cup reflecting the lichen covered surface. I didn't realise until I zoomed in how scratched it was. It has traveled many miles over the years.

No cycling today, it was just too wet and windy. Hopefully it will be drier for the next few weeks, it will mean it's colder. But we don't mind that.

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  1. Nice post. Sunday was a bit rainy, glad we didn't go out. I had to drive to the coast (well, I didn't have to) so I figured a lie-in would make things better. See you next weekend.

    1. I wasn't too dissapointed about Sunday, it just wasn't nice weather.