Saturday, 9 February 2019

a balanced diet

cake sign flower farm

It's been a tough week and I was tired when I awoke. Even worse it would be a solo ride. All of this meant I had a hard time motivating myself to get out on the bike.

But out I went, with a stop at Flower Farm on the way back. It was the thought of this treat that gave me the extra push I needed.

The route was my standard one when on my own, through Woldingham past Godstone, up the Enterdent and back to the cafe at the farm.

I had a small worry as I walked in though, no-one in the cafe. Could it be closed? But then as if by magic two people came in from the shop to serve me.

Hot drink and cake ordered I went to my regular seat by the fire.

cake and coffee by the fire at flower farm

I noticed the sign at the top of this post, I only had one cake, I don't think I could have eaten two. One delicious, huge slice was enough. It included fruit so it counts as one of my five a day.

The weather forecast is for rain tomorrow. I'll have to see if I get out.

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1 comment:

  1. Excellent that you not only got out but went to Flower's Farm for tea and cake. I decided to take it easy this weekend, after Delhi. Last night I was round at mum's, she's had a hip replacement done and is doing well, but needs somebody there at night to ensure she doesn't fall down the stairs. Definitely on for next week, though, might be just one day due to the mum thing.