Sunday, 17 November 2019

Why do I cycle in the winter?

Now that I have warmed up, I'm glad I got out. But as I cycle with gradually cooling feet I do wonder why I do it.

This time of year tests my determination. I recently wrote about getting cold feet and my attempts to combat it. Over the years it's been a recurring theme for this blog. This weekend I don't feel I'm winning the battle, no matter what I try. Special socks, multiple layers, I've tried lots or permutations. Some have lasted a while, but none have worked for the whole ride. It's not like I'm out for long, maybe two hours maximum.

 I know I could use indoor exercise equipment, apart from not having the space, I have to admit; I wouldn't use it.

When I'm not on my own, there is humour to be had, and general good times. Solo rides are more tricky to get motivated for. There is satisfaction at overcoming the temptation to stay inside and keeping fit.

Photography is always a motivator for me; the late sunrises can make for more interesting skys. I need to include new routes, the usual places have yielded all they can.

Lastly there is answering the question my wife often asks; who else was stupid enough to go out when it's so cold?

Yesterday was a busy day for cyclist spotting, not so good today. I only saw three other hardy souls this morning.

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  1. I'm so pissed off about my rear wheel punctures, but I pumped it up and rode it down to Cycle King before it went down again. The guy there reckons there was a piece of glass embedded in the tyre, virtually invisible, I never saw it, but it only pierces through when weight is applied to the bike, like when I sit on it. Anyway, he's fixed it, but who knows, yesterday's puncture could have been a genuine one, ie not liked to the past three weeks of punctures, so it could go down again for all I know. When I rode down to the shop it was around 2-4 degrees and yes, cold, but I wore the balaclava. Not sure what the solution is to your cold feet, probably a pair of those multi-coloured 'booties' we know and love, but if needs must, you'll have to get some. Next week definitely. I was looking forward to today's ride.

  2. Why do we cycle in the winter? I think Marcia is right, we're both nuts. But actually I wouldn't have it any other way. For me the balaclava is the key piece of kit, I can handle the cold feet, but cold air on the face and around the ears? No way! Although, to be honest, rain is the worst, even more so when it's cold. Remember that day, ages ago, when it was so cold we couldn't be bothered to fix your puncture and walked instead? Or did we, I can't remember.