Sunday, 19 July 2020

A change of pace


I decided this week to back off the mileage and have a bit more rest. Last week I rode my biggest distance; 228 miles. So Monday instead of riding further with my extra time; I stopped more. The deer were closer to the fence this time, and I paused for longer at St Michael's Church in Betchworth.

St Michael's Church in Betchworth

I made use of the shade provided by the gate, unfortunately all the benches were in direct sunlight.

On Tuesday I took a day off from riding and started this post. I also did some gardening, No rest for the wicked.

The day flew past and before I knew it Wednesday arrived. I rode to Leigh as it's a slightly shorter distance. On the way I tackled Weller Lane. This year would have been my third Waller Pain hill climb. Year 1, and Year 2. The quickest time was last year; 2:49. This year I had to estimate the finish line. Comparing it with the previous runs I think I got it fairly close. My time was 2:22, over twenty seconds faster.

Thursday was a short ride in the morning, around 16 miles; I had errands to run. Then in the afternoon another 16 miles. I wasn't going to go out a second time, but was at a loose end. :-)

Friday was a very hot day; I could have gone out in the evening. But I didn't, I think I just need a bit of a rest this week.

A couple of pictures from last Sunday, that post automatically went live while I was out. The countryside near Betchworth and Brockham is beautiful.

brockham common

betchworth common

And finally; I was having a coffee sitting on the step at the kitchen door Friday morning when a bird with a beak full of insects landed just a few feet away from me. I didn't have my camera, by the time I got it the bird had flown away. I waited but it didn't return, so I looked at the flowers close to me.

insect on flowers in the garden

flowers in the garden


  1. Hi, it's me, NVL Matt. Nice post and some great pix. Brockham area sounds great, it was, of course, part of the Black Horse ride if I remember correctly. I've rowed back a bit from my 100 miles/week, as you might have read on my Twitter DM. This week around 72 miles. Westerham, incidentally, is 21 miles, not 22 as I originally thought. Hey ho! Friday was hot, but I was stuck indoors working. I've done mainly evening rides/late afternoon rides. Still wish things would go back to normal as it's boring riding alone. Will try and make the Churchyard for 11 on Sunday, will keep in touch on that. Will be posting on my blog later.

  2. Just checked out your Waller Lane video, you were pushing the envelope a bit!