Friday 25 March 2022

A month has passed

Sitting at the window

It's been a month since that fateful ride. The longest period I've had off the bike since I started cycling as an adult.

I seem to be recovering faster each day. My leg is no longer swollen, I've had my stitches out and an appointment with a physio is scheduled for Monday.

I won't be able to do much until my x-ray and meeting with the consultant next month. I'm hoping they will tell me when I can start riding again.

Bruising is still showing and I do get hip, knee and ankle pain occasionally, so it's not all great news. But I can live with it because of the progress I feel I'm making.

The surgery will leave an eleven cm scar, but that should be the only lasting evidence. 

The worst part is the improving weather, I look through the window and wish I could get outside.

Missing cycling

I have lost muscle mass and I suppose fitness, it's why I have altered the Solstice ride in June. My biggest worry is that I won't be given the okay to do it.

My bike is being repaired by one of my cycling club, Oxted Cycling Club. They have been great, a whip round will pay for the repairs, plus a new helmet and clothes damaged by the crash. They have been checking in with me.

Family, friends and neighbours have also come to my aid. Marcia's carers have increased their support too.

Colleagues have bolsterd my spirits.

And work has given me the time to adjust, and continue to support me.

And of course the NHS. I large number of people have been involved: from the intial 999 call through A&E, x-rays/CT scanning, and the surgery team. Everyone on the ward, plus physio, cooks and cleaners. Patient transport to get me home. Then the district nurses, and my own doctor. Everyone involved with my visits on Monday and next month. And the contining physio I'll need. I have never taken it for granted, but it is easy to forget how well the system works.

I am very lucky to have this around me, it makes a big diference. 

It all means the dark periods are less troubling, and I emerge from them far quicker.


  1. So glad to hear you are making a good recovery . One day at a time !

  2. Yes, it's good you're getting there. Won't be long before you're back on the road. Look forward to meeting again soon.