Saturday, 23 April 2016

Getting more serious

I was getting consistent results with my photography. The number of pictures I was satisfied with was rising.

I wanted to push my photography, see what I was capable of.

I contacted an event photographer, Jenny from Fresh Orange Photography. She was offering an opportunity to work with her at track days. I could improve my photography and learn how to delivery what the customer wanted. It gave me the chance to photograph at some circuits I had been to before and some new ones. Goodwood is a particular favourite. I also had access to the parts of the circuits members of the public can't get to.

It taught me a lot. I must have been doing something right, Jenny asked me to do a track day as the only photographer. And I really enjoyed it.

I did a track day at an RAF base. There was a demonstration of flying skill from a Chinook.

I very grateful to Jenny. I learned a lot and got some great pictures.

As a result of the help I got from Jenny at Fresh Orange Photography it gave me more confidence. I approached an Autograss club about photography at their meetings. Concord Autograss

They said come along, be our official photographer. A very friendly bunch. I did two years photography with them.

Supplying many racers with pictures. Again I learned a lot about sports photography.

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