Sunday, 3 June 2018

Waverley Abbey photoshoot

model headshot backlight by the sun waverley abbey

I am always looking for interesting photographic locations and new people to work with. It's great to work with someone many times, but it's good to keep meeting and connecting with new people.

I found Waverley Abbey and a model I had wanted to work with was not too far away. It was arranged some time ago, the model Michelle hadn't, at the time modelled there. By the time our shoot arrived that had changed. Which was a good thing, she had some ideas about where to go, but best of all she was keen to explore more areas.

I arrived a bit early so I went for a walk to check out the site. I had a quick walk around the ruins and on the way back to the small car park I took some pictures of the ducks on the river.

waverley abbey black coot on river

waverley abbey duck with chicks on river

It is such a peaceful place, and not too busy. This meant the size of the car park wasn't too much a problem. When I arrived I took the last space. I wondered where Michelle was going to park. But I needn't have worried, no-one was staying very long. If there hadn't been a space for the car I would only have had to wait five minutes or so and someone would have departed. When Michelle arrived there was plenty of space, so the shoot started straight away.

We started near the bridge, Michelle had no hesitation stepping into the river. I think the crop from the full length pose at mid calf works well, but the shot wouldn't have been possible without the paddling.

model in front of bridge waverley abbey

The rest of the shots contrasted Michelle's curves with the straight lines of the ruins.

model in an arch waverley abbey

model leaning against a wall waverley abbey black and white

model leaning against a wall waverley abbey

model sitting in a widow waverley abbey

I couldn't resist another headshot, a simple clean shot, that I hope shows a connection with a relaxed model.

model headshot backlight by the sun waverley abbey

It really was a great weekend with this shoot and perfect weather for cycling.

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