Saturday, 18 August 2018

A cottage in the woods

I know it's not exactly a cottage, but it is the best structure we have found bar a cafe or pub. Last weekend we discovered a track and vowed to return.

Matt at the start of the track
Initially we were disappointed, the path circled a pheasant pen. It was narrow, very uneven and had nettles on one side and an electrified fence on the other. We did a full loop without realising, then altered our route along some wider pebble paths. Eventually we came across the building above. I'm guessing it's used by pheasant shooters, it will be a regular destination for us now.

The talk touched on politics, but we avoid prolonged chats on this topic. Much better to have a laugh and plan our return to this place. This would be great in the snow. Not so far from the road to be unreachable, but far enough that we would be the only travellers.

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