Saturday, 18 August 2018

Stephen and John's wedding

My first wedding photography post was shortly after the big day.

I have now delivered the pictures and the initial feedback is good. What a relief.

I really wanted to deliver the best pictures I could, so I kept checking back on the ones I had completed. Did I miss a bit of tidying up, is the exposure consistent across the set? Depending on the available light, I switched from using fill in flash to just natural light and then to pictures predominately lit by flash for the reception in the marquee. I also kept an eye on white balance, John's suit especially needed to look the same colour all the way through the day. Stephen's white suit was a challenge. In direct sunlight or if the flash was too strong it was over exposed while the rest of the shot was perfectly lit. I focused on his suit and made small adjustments to the rest of the image.

The next phase is the creation of the wedding album. I'll catchup with Stephen and John when they return from their holiday.

Here are a few of my favourites.

wedding arriving

wedding The happy couple signing the register
The happy couple signing the register
wedding leaving licence in hand
Licence in hand

wedding back at the house garden seat

wedding the rings

wedding the reception

I thought the themed colour bringing the whole day together was a great idea.

wedding group shot
A big group shot.

I had to shoot from an upstairs window for the group shot. The garden was a brilliant venue for the reception, it allowed me to get everyone in.

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