Saturday, 17 November 2018

Nikon 1

autumn leaves hill

I didn't go out last Sunday, heavy rain and knowing it would be a solo cycle meant I just couldn't motivate myself.

Matt had been saying that since buying his new bike punctures had no longer been a problem for him. He said it a lot and so it was inevitable that they would eventually strike; last weekend they did. It didn't affect last weekend, the rain saw to that. But this morning's joint ride was lost. Matt had repaired the hole during the week, but either there was another one or the patch hadn't held. I woke to an abort due to puncture text.

It was a grey morning but I wanted to get out. Apart from anything else I wanted to test my "new" camera. When I first started photographing my cycling I used a big DSLR, a Nikon D70. It went everywhere with me. The short local rides and the longer ones to Paris and the South Downs Way. But on one off-road ride I fell off and landed on the bag containing the camera. It was never the same and frequently wouldn't work. I had by then upgraded to a better DSLR, so I wasn't going to take that cycling. I read a few reviews and bought a second hand Nikon Coolpix 8800. I was lead to believe it was a good camera. It was newer than the D70, but classed as a bridge camera. Something between a point and shoot and a DSLR. I must have been spoilt by the D70 because the 8800 just didn't compare. It was incredibly slow, had poor highish ISO performance and frustrated me everytime I used it.

I had a bit of spare cash and started to look around for a "new" camera. A few years ago Nikon released the Nikon 1 series. I guess you could say it was somewhere between a bridge camera and a DSLR. The specs were good and the reviews said picture quality was very good. Maybe a little fiddly to use due to a lack of buttons. Even minor changes require diving into the menu system, rather than a button press or dial movement.

Oh, and it was very expensive, you could have bought a full size DSLR for the same money. And you needed to buy 1 series lenses. It just didn't make sense and Nikon slashed the prices and then discontinued them fairly quickly.

The quick price drop and discontinuation means they are now selling on ebay at a very good price.

My first impressions are good. Yes, having to go into the menu system to make basic changes is a pain. But I think I now have it setup as I need it for most pictures. Everything else about it is great. It's fast to use, and the picture quality is excellent. I am really going to enjoy using it. And I'm sure I will take more pictures as a result.

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