Monday, 30 March 2020

No tea

mountain bike leant against a fallen tree

Regular readers will know Matt and I ride together through Surrey and Kent. We stop for tea at one of many favoured locations. We put the world to rights and have a laugh about stuff. But not now.

We both still go for rides, but for the foreseeable future our tea breaks are against the law; I never thought I'd ever say that?

In Ireland they now have extra restrictions on travel, even for exercise. You have to stay within two kilometres of your home. If the UK does this it's going to make it harder to keep motivated, and burn the calories. I'm finding it difficult not snack continually.

Yesterday's horrendous weather kept me in-doors, only venturing out for the weekly shop.

I really want to ride everyday, I fear it will be very easy to get into the habit of saying I'll go tomorrow, and not going.

I had a dip in enthusiasm today, but now I'm back it was worth the effort. On the return part of the loop I saw a path leading off into the woods. I had an idea where it might lead to, but quickly realised I was lost.

I eventually found a road, and headed for home.

bike leaning against a gate, horse looking at me

I think the horse has probably seen a few more people than is usual pass it's field lately. I hope it wasn't expecting a treat, I didn't have anything on me.

It was also the trial of a new bag, I wanted to get away from a backpack. Wearing one results in a sweaty back. While I could fit everything in that I needed, I won't be using it again. My knees rub against it, and standing on the pedals is almost impossible. I hoped it was just the compact nature of the Kona frame, my Giant road bike is even worse.

top tube bag

So it's a return to a damp patch on my back until I can find another solution.

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  1. I think you need to take a flask of coffee with you ....cheese and pickle sandwiches . That first picture looks a beautiful place to stop and chill !

  2. I've often thought about buying one of those bags, but I don't think it would hold the flask! My local rides have been good, but I didn't go out on Sunday, so I'm making that my day off, otherwise, last week (Tuesday to Monday) I did six miles a day, that's 36 miles in total. Starting week two today and might ride to the Green and back, a non-stop round the green and home ride (8 miles) so that would be 48 miles/week. Let's see, but today starts week two. Next week might up it to 10 miles (60 miles/week). Keep positive!!!!! Matt.