Sunday 4 October 2020

Gone cycling

Gone cycling

I watched the last episode of Gone Fishing with Bob Mortimer and Paul Whitehouse last week, and I thought of Matt and I sat at various bus stops, churchyards and cafes. Drinking tea is our angling.

We don't really care what people think of us, or if they understand the simple pleasure of meeting every week. 

Sometimes we talk serious subjects, almost nothing, stupid topics, or laugh with and at each other.

We have differing views on somethings, agree on others, change our minds or just agree to disagree.

I hope we never take the meetings for granted. 

I must admit it took a little time to readjust after they started again, I was use to solo bike rides. Stopping and talking was unusual.

At first I couldn't settle down, I don't know why but I was eager to get on the bike again. I think maybe because I always had in my mind needing to get back for Marcia. The carers are visiting again, so I can slow down.

I'm not sure if we'll go back to meeting at the green and cycling together to our tea drinking location, or if it will be solo rides to the designated place. Either seems to work, and doesn't feel odd.

Doing our own thing feels okay, Saturday we ride alone most of the time, coming together on Sunday. 

Lining up group rides give me extra to look forward to, life is still fairly solitary. 

Two bad days this week.

dormant farming
Phone got wet and died during this ride.

into the woods 
Fell off bike after this pic was taken, causing a stiff hip
coffee at the velo barn
A cafe and a bike shop.

Avoided the worst of the rain on Saturday, for a coffee and slice of cake at the Velo Barn near Westerham.

The storm stepped up a level on Sunday, Matt and I decided to ride routes local to our houses rather than meet as arranged. I did just over ten miles of the circuit I do after work. My hands were freezing, hopefully the gloves I have on order will be the last piece of the puzzle needed to make winter riding comfortable

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  1. I think meeting at the destination is better than meeting at the green as it allows us to ride at our own pace and it makes getting there the key thing. We probably wasted time meeting on the green and then dawdling along; and now that we're both much fitter, it makes sense to meet at the destination than to ride their together. Of course, it's good to ride back together. My default ride home from the Churchyard or anywhere is now along The Ridge and up Slines Oak, the hill at the end is no longer daunting for me, as, indeed, is the same for all hills, even White Hill Lane. The chat is always good and it's a shame we didn't meet this morning. I just think we would have been soaked through by the time we met in Tatsfield, which would have been uncomfortable, so best we didn't meet today. I haven't been out yet, because it's still coming down out there, but it's slowing down so might try and get two laps of my latest ride in before sundown, that'll be 10 miles give or take. I also need to visit the VeloBarn for tea and cake, so perhaps (weather depending) next week. An easy ride, actually, along the first bit of Pilgrim's Lane. I'll let you know if I'm thinking about going there and perhaps we can meet inside. Other than that, next Sunday, and I'll be going if there's a fine drizzle, the only stopping point would be driving rain like this morning. I think we have a good set-up at present, but let's remain flexible, ie we can meet Saturday and Sunday on some occasions, I think the key thing is meeting there rather than the green, which I think works well. Great post and excellent images. See you next week.