Friday 26 April 2024

Kew Gardens


Palm House kew gardens

Last weekend I visited Kew Gardens with my sister. It was a very cold day, the wind especially.

But it didn't spoil the day, it just meant we didn't stop moving. There are plenty of benches we could have sat on and admired the view. A packed lunch and warmer weather would have allowed us to cover more ground because we wouldn't have felt the need for a warming drink.

We started at Victoria Gate; just a short walk from Kew Gardens tube station. Meeting at London Bridge and then crossing the river to Embankment station to get onto the District line seemed the most hassle free way to get there. It was the same day as the London Marathon, but everyone was going to Greenwich so it didn't affect us. On the way home everywhere was a little busier than a normal Sunday, but again no problems.

My first comment is about the cost. For two adults at the weekend or Bank Holidays it's £49. Which I think is a lot. 

The Japanese Pagoda is another £4.50, and that's not good value.

Japanese Pagoda

I expected red wood, not ordinary brick.

Japanese Pagoda

The guides were dressed up, I'm guessing it was appropriate to the period when it was built. But I don't think it added anything to the experience. The views were good from the top.

Japanese Pagoda view

The spiral staircase could be a tough ask for the unfit, and at busier times be very congested. I'd save your money though and not bother.

Nearby is the Japanese area.

A nice place to sit I thought, but you aren't allowed to walk on the gravel.

There is a treetop walkway. Another toughish climb, but there is a lift. And it's well worth it.

treetop walkway view

treetop walkway view

I tried to smile in a relaxed manor; not sure I pulled it off though.


If it gets a bit too chilly, then the greenhouses are a good place to go. Even the unheated ones are out of the wind.

Princess of Wales Conservatory


The Princess of Wales Conservatory with its cacti is obviously nice and warm.

Finally the food. There are a few places to eat. I thought they are reasonable value, considering the location. Outside the station were many independent places that are a little cheaper.

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  1. Wow ! I'd be in the Cactus Greenhouse that's for sure ! 💚🌵